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Charity Work & Community Involvement 

San Diego Social Leagues is involved with local non-profit groups and foundations that help us build a stronger community right here in San Diego. Take a second of your day to read more about each organization and their mission.  We will have many fundraising programs set up soon and a broad list of groups to support.  

Maybe one of these groups was, or could be directly or indirectly helpful in your life, a family members life or someone you know.  Help make these differences reach more people. What may not be much to you might be just what someone else was looking for. Give that little something. Help build a stronger community for everyone and let's improve and keep on improving San Diego.  IT STARTS WITH YOU!!

San Diego Social Leagues Upcoming Events

Charity Pong Tournament at Tin Roof

Saturday, April 16th & 23rd, 2016

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Beer Olympics Benefiting It's All About the Kids 

Hosted by Tin Roof!!

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

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Charlton Oaks, Scramble

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

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Brewery Tour


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San Diego Social Leagues

Social & Competitive Leagues

About San Diego Social Leagues

San Diego Social Leagues is the best upcoming adult sports and recreation club that operates in the San Diego area. We offer social and competitive leagues to cater to all levels of play. As a "Social Club", we also have a variety of fun events to take your experience off the field or court and meet new people through our network. Our goal is to bring people closer together and build a stronger San Diego Social Leagues' community that eveyone can enjoy... Read More

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 6220 Agee St. Suite #13, San Diego, CA 92122